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Dr. Kaufman's book, DVD, and podcast:  

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement in Practice

Mindful Sport Performance Podcast 

Mindful Sport Performance Podcast YouTube Channel

Books, podcasts, and popular articles that Dr. Kaufman wrote or contributed to: 

Making Marriage a Success: Pearls of Wisdom from Experts Across the Nation

competitor: Keeping a Sports Performance Journal

competitor: Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Your Running?

Chevy Chase Running Company newsletter: My Injury is Driving me Crazy! 

NCAA Sport Science Institute: Understanding Student-Athlete Burnout

Washingtonian: Do Athletes' Superstitions Really Help?

WAMU: Athletes Bring Lucky Charms - And Superstition - to Field

Washingtonian: Are Washingtonians Addicted to Exercise?

Experience Life: Hooked on Fitness

Miami Herald: Like Texting, Sacks Distract Miami Dolphins While on the Drive

Pacific Standard: Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin are Everywhere

Regan Sports: Death Threats and Criticism: Evolving Sports Fandom in the Digital Age

Chicago Tribune: Everyone is Obsessed with Kyle Schwarber's New Body, but What is the Healthy Way to React to Dramatic Weight Loss?

WTOP: Cheering vs. Sneering: Why Some Parents Go too Far on the Sidelines

Sports On Earth: The Distraction Debate  

USA Today: Our Olympic Athletes are Having a Mental Health Crisis.  What are we Doing About it Besides Watching?

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness 

Mindfulness and Performance

The Washington Post: Fitness Gifts That Don't Give Offense

The Washington Post: How a Member of the Cleaning Staff Became the Most Sought-After SoulCycle Instructor

The Washington Post: Burnout Can Happen to Any Athlete.  Here's How Two of the World's Best Got Over It

Today: Do You Have High-Functioning Anxiety?  8 Tips to Dial Down Stress

Super Human Radio: New Mindfulness Method Helps Coaches and Athletes Score

Reign Talks podcast: Interview with Dr. Keith Kaufman

Runner's World: The Research-Supported Benefits of Meditation for Runners 

Chris Rose podcast: Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement with Dr. Keith Kaufman

High Performance Mindset podcast: Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement 

Athletes' Game Changer podcast: Using Mindfulness to Improve Sport Performance with Dr. Keith Kaufman

Football Network World Sunday Session: Implementing Mindfulness and Flow to Enhance Performance

APA Books Blog: APA Authors on Mindful Sport Performance

ABC News: People and Not Just Performers: Sports Psychologist Talks Athletes, Mental Health Issues

RunWashington: Running With, Not From, Your Problems

Other useful links: 

Mindful Competitor

MSPE Institute

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