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Performance Anxiety

During any kind of performance, it is perfectly natural for anxiety to increase as part of the body's stress response.  However, too much anxiety can freeze your body and mind, making it difficult to execute the task at hand and possibly even leading to a choking experience.

For many, underachieving or choking once can lead to fears of repeated episodes.  If this is a problem you or a loved one are having, then Dr. Kaufman can help. Among those that may benefit from his performance anxiety management services are:

  • Athletes
  • Students
  • Musicians
  • Actors and actresses
  • Public speakers
  • Couples
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And many more...

Dr. Kaufman is a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC and Virginia.

He is now accepting new clients in both his Washington, DC and Fairfax offices.  Dr. Kaufman is providing teletherapy sessions via video and phone during the coronavirus pandemic.

His book, Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches, published by APA Books is now available, as is the accompanying DVD! 

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